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I. ICT basic skills 1: Introduction to ICT By Dr. Gilford T Hapanyengwi, University of Zimbabwe II. To export to PDF click on the button in Standard toolbar. Download e-mail attachments and save in proper folders, iv. Basic notions of ICT will be introduce on this course. This would prevent unauthorised people from using your computer. Employability Skills Class 10 Notes. trailer <<6573A08D9FC04F93AE787A94810AB393>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 239 0 obj <>stream A keyboard is an input device used to type text, numbers and commands into the computer. Aims of the study. development of basic skills can also be easily accessed, if platforms are made available. xڴU}Lg�h;=qگ� H��Z@�X�Ad��� K�QE4|�RP��Ӌ!���RƠ@�J6A*���n�粈���S�s�sF�9��M���k�d�I�w���>���y� 0000086162 00000 n If the self-test, shows that the system is fine, the BIOS will load the, When you login to the computer with your login-ID, and password (as shown in Figure 3.5), the computer, knows that you are an authorised person and allows. Sometimes computer viruses can enter a computer from such attacks we can install anti-virus software. *�F���F�R���&ᆋ@8${=���������]�:j�� ����n)�l��z��Sϊ�B��&���L���3�x`���Q8_�Y�Z��p��������V|W}�!$0 This note is applicable for UGC net, Class 10, BED, ESC, IGCSE, Net exam, etc. 0000015581 00000 n 0000003937 00000 n It displays the desktop on the monitor. Click Here to Download Crack My CBSE App and get All Notes, Important Questions And MCQs in your hand. 0000081934 00000 n ICT in our daily life (examples) 4. The hours are split in the following manner: Backup your data to an external drive, i. When the INSERT key is turned ON, it helps you overwrite characters to the right of the. 0000082202 00000 n ICT GRADE 6 was published by Mauritius Institute of Education on 2017-05-25. Appreciate the importance of good programming skills Topics Social Implications of ICT Social Implications of ICT Have a basic understanding of issues brought forth by the advancement in ICT Develop a care, concern and ethica l attitudes towards using ICT Have a basic understanding of some er gonomics issues asso ciated with the use of ICT 379–383. ISBN: 978-953-56758-7-7. In this chapter Basic Information and Communication Skills of Employability Skills class 10, you will learn about some basic knowledge of computer and its maintenance. 205 0 obj <> endobj xref 205 35 0000000016 00000 n III. 0000101425 00000 n hope that this education will help you in mastering basic computer skills and with that hope we wish you to learn as much as you can, and therefore become an active member of modern ICT society. The model links learner skill level acquisition with pre-requisite infra-structural requirements called resource milestones. If you already have some of the basic skills listed above, you might consider simply using them more often.For example, if you want to get better at using Skype or Zoom before an interview, simply practice using the video conferencing technology. Basic ICT skills referring to storage and data transfer, as well as the use of word processing, and electronic spreadsheet applications. It is like Information Technology, but ICT focuses more on technologies that deal with communication, like cell phones, the … - Outcome 1 … have good basic ICT skills (Office suite, Learning Management System and Internet environments); - Outcome 2 … be able to integrate ICT into teaching and learning, school administration and use ICT for continuous professional development; - Outcome 3 … use ICT skills in attainment of curriculum learning objectives; Such mails are called SPAM. When you click Shut down, the Operating System will close all the applications and turn off the computer. The study sought to unearth the basic lifelong learning skills associated with the development of cognitive skills at the basic education level in Ghana and Mali. Whenever you see a file that ends with .pdf, that means it's a PDF file. (a) Control keys: Keys, such as Control (CTRL), SHIFT, SPACEBAR, ALT, CAPS LOCK and TAB, are special control keys, Important Maps of History and Geography - Class 10th SST This year CBSE has chan…. This is called drag and drop. Basic ICT Skills for Complete Beginners Target audience: Clerks & Supervisors (total beginners on computers) Duration: 32 hours. 1. ICT has the potential to contribute to substantial 0000007869 00000 n Here, you will get to know hardware and software information. 0000101361 00000 n Time You are expected to spend 120 hours to complete this module. have a lot of unnecessary files and data, such as temporary files and images. Sometimes we get emails from companies who are advertising a product or trying to. Students develop and apply ICT knowledge, skills and appropriate social and ethical protocols and practices to investigate, create and communicate, as well as developing their

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