Civic Engagement

Houston Chinese Alliance has promoted civic participation and engagement through a variety of events and programs, including providing voter education and registration, hosting candidate forums, holding legal seminars, and participating in Asian American education and other civil rights issues.

Seminar on U.S. Constitution

March 18, 2017. HCA hosted a seminar on U.S. Constitution in the Jungman Neighborhood Library. Mr. David Cao, Senior Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel for IRS, discussed the origin and the fundamental goal of the Constitution, the general election system, as well as appropriate ways to interact with law enforcement personnel and protect ourselves using …

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Judicial Forum

October 11, 2014. In order to raise awareness of the U.S. judicial system, HCA hosted Judicial Forum to help community members better defend themselves. HCA invited Theresa Chang, Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law Texas No. 2 and five seasoned attorneys including Natalia Oakes, Barbara Gardner, Kathleen Vossler, James Horowitz, and Jason Luong. …

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Sherry Chen and Xiaoxing Xi

November 5, 2016: Ms. Sherry Chen and Dr. Xiaoxing Xi were invited to Houston by OCA-Greater Houston, AABA, CACA-Houston, CPC, HCA, HCFA, SPA, and Committee of 100. They shared their experience with audience at the forum on Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage. HCA provided partial financial assistance for air and lodging to the speakers, and …

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Peter Liang

New York Police officer Peter Liang’s gun accidentally discharged during his patrol, the bullet ricocheted off the wall, and shot an African American young man, Akai Gurley, to death. Mr. Liang was convicted of second-degree manslaughter on Feb. 11, 2016, and could face a sentence of up to 15 years. HCA felt deeply sorry for …

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HCA’s involvement in Asian Americans’ Pursuit of Justice in College Admission

May 15, 2015. Education has always been central to the Chinese community. May 15, 2015 was one of the milestones in Chinese Americans’ pursuit of justice in college education and push for more transparency in the admissions policy and procedures in elite universities. On that day, 64 Asian organizations filed a joint Administrative Complaint to …

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