Judicial Forum

October 11, 2014. In order to raise awareness of the U.S. judicial system, HCA hosted Judicial Forum to help community members better defend themselves. HCA invited Theresa Chang, Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law Texas No. 2 and five seasoned attorneys including Natalia Oakes, Barbara Gardner, Kathleen Vossler, James Horowitz, and Jason Luong. These panelists discussed topics ranging from the U.S. judicial system, employment laws, juvenile laws, family laws, to criminal laws. They also introduced several organizations that offer free legal consultation such as Houston Volunteer Lawyer Association (http://www.makejusticehappen.org) and Lone Star Legal Aid (http://www.lonestarlegal.org/Fast-Facts.pl), as well as the three law schools in Houston (University of Houston Law CenterSouth Texas College of Law, and Thurgood Marshall School of Law).

The following videos are produced and provided by MerryHouston.

Theresa Chang

Barbara Gardner

Natalia Oakes

Kathleen Vossler

James Horowitz

Jason Luong