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WALMART STORES, INC., JUNE 2015 ABOUT WALMART • • • • • ABOUT WALMART/AMAZON CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT DUE 5:00 Friday, Apr il 3rd Walmart has been the major player in discount retailing for decades with its vast number of physical stores distributed across both rural and urban areas in the United States. Wal-Mart employs over 1.3 associates, owns over 4000 stores out of which 3000 are in US and serves around 100 million customers weekly. Binus Business School, MM Executive Batch 20 Presented by Group I Alexander Christian Dina Sandri Fani Puntin Kulmongkon Case Study Analysis Walmart Stores Inc. 2. Company’s Overview 3/26/2015CaseAnalysis-NitrofixGhana,Inc. A case study by William Kerr explores Walmart's plans for future workforce makeup and training, and its search for opportunities from digital infrastructure and automation. This case study is a critical analysis of the failure of Wal-Mart stores in Germany under the context of organizational behavior. View Walmart Case Study - Strategic Management.pdf from STRATEGY 112 at IIM Bangalore. Wal-Mart’s business strategy is to provide “Every Day Low Prices” or EDLP for all of its products and services. This case study, designed to be read alone or as part of a series, was prepared by David Hyatt of the University of Arkansas and Andrew Spicer of the University of South Carolina. Amazon has been the major player in online retailing and has had dramatic growth in recent years. Wal-Mart inc. was started in 1962 and incorporated officially in 1969 and began trading stock as a publicly held company in 1970. Wal-Mart Case Study Wal-Mart is considered a mass merchandiser and is the top retailer in the world in terms of annual revenue. WalMart is a . The Business Strategy of Walmart – A Case study Introduction: Walmart has continued to retain the top position on the Fortune 500 list consecutively for several years. The case was developed solely as a basis for class discussion IJSER. 3/26/2015 1 CaseAnalysis-NitrofixGhana,Inc. Case analysis walmart case group i 1. Any discussion of the future of retail—or how we work—has to include Walmart. Walmart struggles with a maturing and over-saturated U.S. market, where it had to close almost 300 stores (in 2016), a first in Walmart's history. One of the biggest reasons why Walmart success in the industry is because of the used of supply chain management. Wal-Mart has acquired many international stores and merged with some super stores like ASDA in UK. Practice of Knowledge Management; Case Study of Wal-Mart Inc Wal-Mart is an American multinational corporation running a chain of large discount departmental stores and warehouse in several countries. cultural management, the WalMart’s case in Germany will be explored. To continue to thriving, Wal-Mart does not guarantee the lowest prices in the market. The brand’s growth is driven mainly by its ‘everyday low prices’ strategy and the large assortment of merchandise it offers. The case details the changes Walmart CEO Doug McMillon implemented to address the competitive threat of e-commerce, including the closing of stores and the $3.3 billion acquisition of Walmart as one of the biggest retail store company in America runs a chain of large discount department stores. The author has chosen the case study that will beabout Wall Mart’s culture in Germany and can be found in the appendix (Appendix 1).

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