how to negotiate guitar price

Whether you’re a pro at it or a novice, negotiating is a key part of the car-buying experience. New Gibson dealer My Favorite Guitars is another place that, like E. M. Shorts, routinely offers 40% off list without any haggling. I too would like to see them succeed, because it really is nice to be able to A/B a lot of different gear that the M & P stores just don't have space for. If you are a gigging musician this is important. T: 01332 225246. Still, it's a great place to go when you want to try stuff out. ... manuals, adapters that you can find anywhere can all be used to lower the price. The same at GC if you can find someone who knows something. You will learn how to haggle and 8 of the best negotiation strategies and tactics to bartering in this video! Sign Up For example, I'll see a particular guitar that's listed in a Brick & Mortar for $2250 all day long (Fender Ameerican Vintage '65 RI). I also have spend a lot, and really, a lot, of money on amps, guitars, pedals, etc... also I usually pick up stuff for my band members. Be polite and courteous. Don't tell them I said this but the markup of strings is 400% so when the strings list for say $10 and the shop sells them for two for one or $5 a set the shop is actually paying $2.50 a set or less. Trying to come in too aggressive or fixated on a low price can be insulting. I like the service I received at Steve's when I bought my guitars there. I moved on and as of two weeks ago it is still there and still over priced. Subscribed! About nine months ago, I tried to bargain on a GC used guitar and was told the 90 day spiel too. But it's good for us customers - their competition saves us the haggle hassle. And if you can, how much should you try to bring it down to? They lowered the price to $495. Both my casinos were new out of the DC in the box with all the tags, poster, cord etc. I work in a small mom & pop sized store and as such our inventory is limited. Popular Now. So you always add in more $$ for the same thing compared to RH.......and comparing used RH models price wise is not relevant. I found Steve's, in spite of my purchasing 2 guitars there, wasn't willing to drop the 30 bucks that L&M was charging or throw in anything, the manager I talked to wasn't willing to do ANY deal on the amp because they can hardly keep those amps in the much for building customer loyalty. I think the guys at the VP store told me Kansas City? Upload or insert images from URL. On bigger items you have a little more leeway to negotiate. Talk to the right person. Every shop has their own philosophy about pricing but every shop is working with practically the same margins so the "deals" may differ as I said in the way of accessories,cases and set ups. I'm looking to buy at least one guitar in the coming month or two. So considering that, I always search the internet for whatever I want and try to find the best deal possible. It is a comprehensive book (the 2019 issue was 640 pages!) As far as thrown-in accessories are concerned, it's quite simple - if I'm paying $30 more than the "best" price, perhaps I want $30 worth of accessories. Also, don't tell anyone I said this but one of my local rather large and important dealer told me that he bare bones his Gibson and Fender prices for turn over and actually uses the guitars to bring people into the shop because while the guitars aren't sold every day to everyone coming into the shop, they usually buy at least something like strings or picks which are both HUGE mark up items. I've bought all these things without trying to haggle, and paid face value. A determination to achieve the best possible result for my clients at an affordable price. has sales were you get 20% off of one item once a year. My Question is, should I negotiate for price on these, and what price target should I go for. I have also been known to enjoy the odd glass of red wine at the weekend! Be sure to negotiate the price at your local Guitar Center location and save some cash in the process. Thanks for the input guys. Unless, of course, money was no object. Research the price of the guitar you want to buy on the net and go in with that information ready when you make the offer to close the deal. He spends all of his money on games and he doesn’t regret it. And, what Fader said! Bob Dylan sells entire back catalogue for estimated $300 million. It all puts you in a stronger negotiating position. Make sure you check eBay as well - look for completed auctions. This practice encourages the retailers to offer the lowest price they can right at the outset (without forcing the customer to negotiate for it), in order to stay competitive. Wish I knew. Posted by 6 years ago. New gives you choice and right to … Forgot your password? But I'm thinking can I still call to ask to lower it? Talk to the right person. One of my Christmas time promotions used to be "free strings for a year"-which meant one set per month for a year or about $36 cost to me but the psychological savings to the customer made that seem like much more....and seldom did anyone make the trip to the shop for the free strings without buying something else while there. Don’t hesitate to haggle-When you’re buying from pawn shops, you don’t have to deal with fixed retail prices. I only have like $450 and They have a Schecter C1 Artist Series for $499. Strings and accessories are high mark up items and a dealer may be more willing to give you another 5-10% of the list price in this way rather than a further reduction from list price. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, there are ways to be flexible and …   Your link has been automatically embedded. St. John's would match L&M and hold the amp for a day or two (they had stock.) They have price tags and also prices online. that lists prices on acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects, lap steels, mandolins and banjos. You may spend a few more dollars there, but it makes sense (pun intended). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yeah, Steve's is big enough that they don't really feel the need to build any strong customer relations. You can build a relationship with some of the big stores but it is hard to find people who care and are not just there for the paycheck. Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. 5. Have your money ready, know the list prices and understand what the margin the dealer is working with is, go into the transaction with a professional and courteous attitude and you'll get the best deal possible. Realize that the dealer is working with a pretty small margin on guitars and amps. Living on a budget is what I’m all about. But if they can give you 20% off on those special days why can`t they give it to you today. Let them know that if the price is not negotiable then you will have to pass on this guitar. There are a few things that should always be purchased new – toothbrushes, underwear and sandwiches are a few examples. That price limit will usually disappear very quickly. At the chains, I often spring for the warranty (it has paid off in the past) and because I bite on that upsell, I ask for some free strings and a strap. I try hard to find some flaw, however insignificant, to devalue the guitar and keep that in my pocket if when necessary in lieu of a counteroffer. They are the one with the most authority to lower the price so you’ll want to try and win them over. The markup on those guitars is much, much smaller. Would they be more likely to give me a great deal the day after Christmas? All pretty much true. Clear editor. Forgot your password? The thing to remember with Carvin/Kiesel is that they make what IMHO is a very nice $1100ish guitar. Of course you can’t buy everything used. A man walks into a pawnshop to sell a guitar that’s worth about $500 to the right buyer in mint condition. September 20, 2020 Real Specific. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. You could ask for a free strap, but they don't negotiate too much. So I've got to assume the guy selling for $500 less is making money, so it seems like the Brick & Mortar is doing even better, and laughing after I walk out?

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