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If you need vegan sprinkles or gluten-free sprinkles, then we can help you. Fun sprinkle fact, in Maine & northern New England these sprinkles are … Ultimate Baker sprinkles bring sparkle and bright color to your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts, ice cream, drinks, cocktails, milk shakes and more. Find premium sprinkles, confetti and more at Sweetapolita! Celebakes Outrageous Orange Jimmies, 3 oz. Our jimmies sprinkles are trans-fat-free and loaded with delicious flavor. Available in an assortment of bright rainbow colours. Jimmies-Sprinkles < 1 / 3 > of 62 Results Per Page BLACK PHO FREE JIMMIES 6# 78-250K1 Login to see Price BLUE JIMMIES 16 OZ 78-350B Login to see Price Celebakes Berry Blue Jimmies, 3 oz. Yes, I want to receive Ideas and Offers from CK Products. Hold on to your hats because our Jimmies will blow your beaker! Phone: 888.484.2517 Look to the cookie. When you want the very best sprinkles to buy and look their best, then shop our extensive jimmies sprinkles! Jimmies are long, tube-like, rod sprinkles that pack a lot of flavor and color to your baked goods. At Sweets & Treats, we carry various colored jimmies at wholesale prices. Quick Shop $2.39 Candy Cane Sprinkles, 3.9 oz. • Coral • Forest • Black • Rainbow • Yellow • Navy • Light purple • Gold • Maroon • Lime. Jimmies are long, tube-like, rod sprinkles that pack a lot of flavor and color to your baked goods. Jimmies are a softer sugar strand style sprinkle. Jimmies and thin jimmies are a traditional topping for ice cream but also work great decorating cupcakes, for sprinkles cakes, cake pops and candies! Brace yourself for the colour and creativity these super crisp sprinkles CK Products is a wholesaler to the industries of candy making, cake decorating, and commercial baking. Luckily, we carry various bulk sprinkle bottles to fit any budget and need. Traditionally called just ‘sprinkles’, jimmies sprinkles are a best selling classic sprinkle that you may not even realize you have been working with. Black Jimmies – Twinkle Sprinkles Our Black Jimmies are the perfect addition for your sprinkle stash. Longer and thinner than your regular sprinkles, these jimmies have a sweet, crisp crunch that will never disappoint!You will receive a 120g resealable bag of these fun sprinkles which … Our Red Boxes include seasonal favorites and NEW gold decorations arranged in our festive, keepsake Red Box. We've added a little sparkle because New Years and glitter are perfect pair! That's why we have sprinkles specifically for certain diet restrictions. Jimmies (known as "sprinkles" outside New England) are the granddaddy of ice cream toppings, but where did the name "jimmies" come from? As little sense as this makes to me now, I … Colored jimmies are our specialty! You can remove yourself from this list at any time. crunchy jimmies, sprinkles, premium quality medleys for all of your baking! No matter the color you are looking for, you’ll find what you need in our best selling category. Shop Jimmies Sprinkles at Bakers Party Shop. Buying our wholesale sprinkles ensures that you have exactly what you need and perhaps a little extra, too. Shop online today for a great range of items for your next party. According to the Boston Globe, one potentially viable origin story for the sprinkles term comes from confectionary company Just Born -- the monster best known for … Names Jimmies is the most popular term for sprinkles in the Philadelphia and Boston regions. First off, it's useful to know that the term " sprinkles " has been around a lot longer than "jimmies." Shop Sprinkles at The Pastry Depot. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. These bulk black jimmies by Sprinkd are thin black cylinder shape sprinkles great for decorating cakes, cupcakes and desserts. We have the … Though the Just Born Candy Company of Bethlehem, PA claims to have invented jimmies and named them after an employee, this is unlikely. Buy the best jimmies available! Purchase Jimmies chocolate sprinkles for your cakes and cookies online at Candyland Crafts. Fax: 260.484.2510, Website by Goshen, Fort Wayne, Elkhart, Indiana. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They can be purchased in a bottle all by themselves or included in our extensive line of mixes. Whether you want to bake for yourself or someone else, you can be sure that every ingredient matches their diet needs. Our jimmies sprinkles are trans-fat-free and loaded with delicious flavor. These soft and cakey half-and-half cookies are the perfect palette for your favorite sprinkles, jimmies, confetti, or dragées in elegant shades of black and white. Quick Shop $8.39 Pink Sanding Sugar, 3.25 oz. Also available in smaller 100g bottles. She explained that because chocolate sprinkles are black, early Bostonian racists referred to them as jimmies — because of the Jim Crow laws. Some call them sugar strands and they now come in a variety of sizes … Celebakes Bumblebee Yellow Jimmies, 3 oz. Jimmies sprinkles are cylindrical shaped sprinkles commonly used as ice cream toppings & decorating cakes and cupcakes. Make Sprinkles your one stop shop for all your holiday gifting for family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, the mailman – anyone you want to sprinkle a little happy to this season! Black jimmies sprinkles make decorating for a black and white wedding, halloween party, or graduation a piece of cake! They're a favorite for many bakers because they're an easy way to cover cupcakes, cookies, and cakes without using too much product. We have several color options with more being made all of the time. Jimmies & sprinkles for decorating your cakes and cupcakes. It's a difference that you can taste and feel. We provide exclusive jimmies sprinkles colors to bakeries and party supply shops all over the globe. Jimmies are primarily made out of sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch & food grade wax. Whether you have to bake a lot of cupcakes for an event, run a bakery, or run a party store, then you may find yourself needing a large amount of sprinkles. 98 ($1.66/Ounce) Here's everything you need to know about our colored jimmies online. Contact Us Today If you have questions, comments, need immediate assistance or more information, please call our Customer Service Team at 888.484.2517 or fill out our contact form. Choose from a range of colors that will uniformly cover your desserts. Ring in the new year with these black and metallic jimmies. Winter Blue and White Jimmies Sprinkles, 11.4 oz. Just how many different colors can you buy in our online store? Black jimmies come in a convenient small tube and can be used on cupcakes, cookies, candy and even ice cream. We carry traditional colors like red, blue, yellow, and rainbow jimmies. Her nearby friend, Izak Shapiro, also 25, agreed. Cake Decorating Sprinkles - Simply Awesome! Free Shipping on Orders over $50 in the USA, $100 internationally - excluding bulk bags. Why Our Black Jimmies Sprinkles are the Best Our quality makes our sprinkles stand apart from the rest. This makes them sweet, crispy, long, and skinny. The urban legend goes something like this: Someone, somewhere decided to call chocolate sprinkles "jimmies" because they are brownish-black — the name is … Whether it's our black cupcake liners or our sprinkles, everything we make is from high-quality ingredients and materials. Our sprinkles come at wholesale prices, so you can get lots of product at an affordable price perfect for those weddings and large events. Quick Shop $4.69 Orange Sanding Sugar, 3.25 oz. Goosebumps sprinkle blend by Fancy Sprinkles has crunchy, sparkly purple, and black sprinkles with sweet purple and green jimmies to make for a perfect party. Create Your Perfect Blend - Custom Blending Available. This recipe is from my book Sprinkles! Wilton Hanging Skinny Black Jimmies Sprinkles Ingredients Sugar, Corn Starch, Palm Oil, Dextrin, Soy Lecithin, Carnauba Wax, Confectioners Glaze, FD&C Blue 1 Lake, FD&C Yellow 5 … *While most orders ship in a few days, exceptions do occur such as exotic colored products, or orders requiring proof approval - … Sprinkles, Sparkles & Pearls at Spotlight. Packaged in a bulk 1kg seal bag which offers great value. Take a look at what our store offers today. We carry both traditionally flavored sprinkles as well as chocolate sprinkles for those who love that extra punch of chocolate flavor for your favorite recipes. Also known as jimmies these are great for decorating cakes, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, pies and desserts. Our Sprinkle Scientists have crafted our Jimmies from tastebud-tantalising sugar, making these crisp cylindrical-shaped additions not only visually devine but totally DELICIOUS too. We also carry exclusive colors manufactured for our store that you can’t find anywhere else. Black jimmies sprinkles are great to use for ice cream toppings, decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and more! Some call them Jimmies, others call them sprinkles, but we can all unarguably agree they are a classic sprinkle that adds a pop of color to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream! BLACK CRUNCHY JIMMIES® (VEGAN) Fancy Sprinkles Crunchy Jimmies® are the fabulous, crispy alternative to the old school mushy jimmies you're used to. Any sweet treat is more fun with a dash of sprinkles. Our jimmies are powdered sugar based- rather than the 80% cornstarch based standards. Black Jimmies BULK (1lb) - black sprinkles for decorating cupcakes, cakes, cakepops, cookies, and ice cream Black and White Cake Pop Cookie Cupcake Cakes Semi-Sweet Edible Confetti Decorations Sprinkles Desert Jimmies Toppers 4.1 out of 5 stars 7 $9.98 $ 9 . For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Expert bakers know that using sprinkles can a punch of delicious flavor to their baked goods. It’s after Jim Crow,’’ said Carly Fishkin, 25, who grew up in Wellesley and prefers to call them sprinkles. They're a favorite for many bakers because they're an easy way to cover cupcakes, cookies, and cakes without using too much product. Jimmies-Sprinkles < 1 / 3 > of 59 Results Per Page BLACK PHO FREE JIMMIES 6# 78-250K1 Login to see Price BLUE JIMMIES 16 OZ 78-350B Login to see Price Celebakes Black Jimmies, 16 oz. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our delicious sprinkles. Using our sprinkles will offer that delicious flavor as well as incredible colors that you can't find anywhere else. 50 items found. : The origin of the name jimmies is uncertain, but it was first documented in 1930, as a topping for cake. Sprinkles have been around since the late 18th century, while jimmies were the new kids on the block in the 1930s.

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