Cypress Murder Case

Reward for Information for Cypress Murder Case Increased to $75,000

Crime Stoppers of Houston announced during its press conference on Feb 16, 2015 the reward for information in the Cypress murder case had increased again with the help of community donation, now at $75,000. Crime Stoppers urged the public to provide any information that could lead to the killer(s).

It is exactly one year since the murders of the Sun family. Houston Chinese Alliance (HCA) helped increase the reward again with community donation, indicating the strong impact the case is still having on the community. Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said during the press conference the police are still actively investigating, but did not disclose any details. Vice President of HCA, Dr. Howard Xu, attended the press conference and expressed disappointment of the Chinese community about the lack of real progress. He hoped the police would actively investigate the case and bring the murderer(s)to justice. He also expressed gratitude to all donors. Rep Gene Wu also attended the press conference.

HCA representatives asked Crime Stoppers about protecting the confidentiality of any informants. Deputy M. Hughes said, “Any informant does not need to provide any personal information and will be given a code. He or she only needs to provide this code when contacting Crime Stoppers for any update. If the information has been useful in solving the crime, he or she will be notified of how to receive the reward. The whole process is completely anonymous, requiring no personal information or contact with the police.”

Please contact Crime Stoppers if anyone has any information leading to the suspects. Download Houston Crime Stoppers from Apple App Store, Google Play Store,or Blackberry App World. You may also call 713-222-TIPS (8477) or text CRIMES (274637) with TIP610”as the subject. Information can also be submitted online.

Cypress Homicide Fundraising Financial Report:

On the afternoon of February 8, 2014, HCA held the “Cypress Homicide Candlelight Memorial Ceremony” at the Coles Crossing Community Center in Cypress. As of May 28, 2014, the accounts are as follows.

HCA-1 (for rewards)

Income (including Cameron donations): $70,299
– Transfer of Houston Crime Stoppers: -$65,000

Balance: $ 5,299

HCA-1 supplement: The HCA-1 balance can be used for additional rewards, but it can also be used to detect Cypress homicides and to promote support for the investigation, but there is no clear plan for use.

Before the mourning event and during the event, the HCA issued a description of the HCA-1 payment as follows: The raised amount of HCA-1 will be used to reward the murderer through HOUSTON CRIME STOPPERS. The funds handed over to HOUSTON CRIME STOPPERS will be returned to HCA if no one is eligible for the reward period (1 year). These returned funds will not be returned to the donors. The JUSTICE AND CIVIL RIGHTS, which will be dedicated to the Chinese, will be used for similar rewards in the future – in order to continue to safeguard the rights of Chinese.

HCA promises: All proceeds from the fundraising will be earmarked for special purposes. If there is no reasonable use for the purpose of fundraising, the balance of HCA-1 will be deposited into the JUSTICE AND CIVIL RIGHTS for Chinese.

HCA-2 (donated to the family of the victim or used to deal with related follow-up matters)

  • Income for money: $9,311.14
  • Printing and other related expenses: -$460.24
  • Transferred to the family of the victim: -$3,370.00
  • Accommodation and car rental expenses for the families of the victims: -$2,962.52
  • Electronic transfer to the family of the victim – $2,518.38
  • Balance: $ 0.00

Inquiries about donations: If you have any questions, please send an email to