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Shi W1, et al.,  Puerarin Reduces Blood Pressure in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats by Targeting eNOS. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have successfully reversed age-related vision loss in animals as well as eye damage stemming from with a condition mimicking human glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness around the world. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Carlson S, Prasain JK, Peng N, Dai Y, Wyss JM. Kudzu has not shown any side effects for now, some sites advice against the consumption of root powder in the treatment of hangovers. Required fields are marked *, China GMP, NSF cGMP, Independent Lab Certificate, ISO series, Pueraria Lobata - Therapeutic properties and benefits. The unique health benefits of this quick-growing weed derive from its unique compliment of plant chemicals that have made it a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. Pueraria Root for Healthy Heart, Mind, and Blood Sugar Pueraria root’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties also offer protection for the brain, aiding in minimizing the risk of cognitive decline and maximizing recovery after traumatic brain injuries and stroke. Kudzu contains isoflavones, estrogen-like compounds thought to offer various health benefits. A member of the pea family, kudzu is a climbing, perennial vine. Kudzu root powder can be encapsulated but is typically prepared as a tea. Get the flat body with white kidney bean extracts. That’s why it’s been used for thousands of years to treat complicated conditions like diabetes and heart disease… and why it’s shaping up to be an important ally in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. J Ethnopharmacol. Researchers hypothesise that by increasing acetaldehyde levels, kudzu can increase the risk of developing acetaldehyde induced cancer. Reduces muscle pain. The detoxifying effect of Pueraria Lobata, in fact, guarantees a rapidity that drastically reduces the symptoms of alcohol and nicotine dependence, playing a fundamental role in combating the receptors of these substances and preventing the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Cure for muscle pain. In this way it replaces substances such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol and sugars, compensating the pleasure that is felt through their intake. Our kudzu powder is milled from organic Pueraria lobata. Qherb specialize in plant extract and the development of the most effective and specialized botanical ingredients for the Pharmaceutical, beverage, health food and Cosmetic industries. Prasain JK, Peng N, Rajbhandari R, Wyss JM. In the same family as the bean (Leguminosae), the plant wraps with its woody stems around any support, it is also called the kudzu vine. Isoflavonoids, in particular puerarin, have been used in most of the pharmacological studies. Our evidence-based analysis on pueraria lobata features 32 unique references to scientific papers. By limiting oxidative damage and taming inflammation, pueraria root strikes at the key factors underlying dozens of common diseases… including type 2 diabetes. 8. Animal and cellular studies have provided support for the traditional uses of kudzu root on cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and endocrine systems, including diabetes and its complications. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. ... An introduction to some of the health challenges facing us now-a-days, along with strategies for improved health and weight management. 2014 Jul;28(7):961-75. In alternative medicine, kudzu is typically used for the following conditions: 1. alcoholism 2. menopausal symptoms 3. diabetes 4. common cold 5. fever Not all of these uses are supported by clinical evidence. Some studies have shown the efficacy of kudzu also in the treatment of angina pectoris in cardiopathic subjects. Tan C1, et al.,  Puerarin Improves Vascular Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Remodeling in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension. Heart disease and circulatory problems affect billions of people around the world, especially older adults. To fight against alcoholism and smoking, the capsule form is recommended (1 to 2 grams per day of root powder) in cure. Some of these herbs have some weird names, but why worry about names when the benefits are rewarding. [Epub ahead of print] Kudzu: Top 10 powerful benefits, effects, properties! Puerarin attenuates cognitive dysfunction and oxidative stress in vascular dementia rats induced by chronic ischemia. 3. In one 2014 study researchers tested the effects of kudzu root extract in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes with impressive results: After-meal sugar spikes were slashed by half for mice that got the extract. But thanks to a group of focused scientists, we now know that puerarin may help.14 The researchers tested their theory on special mice models of menopause. The plant is edible: its flower is cooked like the zucchini flower, in donuts. Fu-Liang X, Xiao-Hui S, Lu G, Xiang-Liang Y, Hui-Bi X. Puerarin protects rat pancreatic islets from damage by hydrogen peroxide. Benefits of Pueraria mirifica. Wong KH1, et al.,  Kudzu root: traditional uses and potential medicinal benefits in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The Pueraria is reported to possess a lots of health benefits on brain, liver, heart, kidney, bone, stomach, muscle, skin, and reproductive system. Despite its reputation as a vexing vine taking over countless backyards, Pueraria root (radix puerariae) – commonly known as kudzu – is a powerful healing herb that has traditionally been used to control blood sugar, tame inflammation, protect the heart and brain, and so much more. J Clin Pharmacol. When islet cells are damaged (very common in type 2 diabetes) they don’t produce the right amounts of insulin or glucagon. Kudzu is an anti-alcohol and anti-tobacco plant. Traditional Uses inTCM. Comparison of Pueraria Mirifica & Pueraria Lobata (Kudzu) Pueraria Mirifica (White Kwao Krue) Management of Diabetes Mellitus with Puerarin, a Natural Isoflavone From Pueraria lobata. 2013 Aug;53(8):787-811. Keeping Blood Sugar Steady, and Extra Pounds Off In addition, Pueraria Mirifica is from the legume family and – more specifically, the bean Anti-inflammatory effects of total isoflavones from Pueraria lobata on cerebral ischemia in rats. J Endocrinol Diabetes Mellit. It’s related to five species in the genus Pueraria (P. montana, P. lobata, P. edulis, P. phaseoloides and P. thomsoni). Brain Circ. The most vigorously studied7 phytochemicals include: While each compound exhibits potent healing benefits — and can act as a single medicine on its own — together they work even better in their natural synergistic state. Another study12 found that diabetic mice treated with pueraria root extract for eight months had: Additionally, the extract didn’t have that effect on mice without diabetes. Plant. It is also an important antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Clinical observations on the dose-effect relationship of Gegen Qin Lian Decoction on 54 out-patients with type 2 diabetes. Zhang Z1, Lam TN, Zuo Z. Radix Puerariae: an overview of its chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and clinical use. Pueraria mirifica has been found to have characteristics that reduce the menopausal symptoms and also relieves women from feeling any painful passage into the menopause stage. 17. Obtain beautiful, tighter skin on the outside and from within. The Power of Pueraria Root Your email address will not be published. When people mention the kudzu leaf or kudzu plant (Pueraria lobata), they usually describe it as a type of invasive species of vine. In addition, besides healing, it is also able to prevent the appearance of acidity and the consequent ascent of gastric juices to the esophagus and the respiratory tract. [3],[4],[5] Kudzu root expels pathogens from muscles and skin to reduce fever. 2012 Jan 6;139(1):305-10. The unique formulation of Hawa Activ consists of beauty benefits that fit every woman’s life. 2011;31(1):56–59. Kudzu actually belongs to the pea family but don’t expect to harvest any type of fruit from this vine. For the moment, we find more in health food stores or on online sales sites than in pharmacies. Molecules. The most investigated plant part is tuber and the major bioactive constituents are isoflavones. Kudzu Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses Scientific Name: Pueraria lobata Properties: Diuretic, Emollient, Blood circulation, Demulcent, Nervine, Antipyretic Novel bioactive components have greatly attracted attention as they demonstrate health benefits. Thermal stability of kudzu root (Pueraria Radix) isoflavones as additives to beef patties. 7. A groundbreaking study found that the herb helps protect blood vessels against the harmful effects of high blood sugar. Pueraria root has been shown to effectively counter two of the most significant factors contributing to premature aging and chronic age-related illnesses — inflammation and oxidative damage. Older adults who took a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement with zinc and high amounts of vitamin C in a 12-week study experienced sickness for shorter periods and with less severe symptoms than counterparts in a control group receiving a placebo. Diadzein kudzu has estrogenic effects which precl0udes the use of the plant, as a precaution, to women with a history of breast cancer but that can fight against menopausal disorders (hot flashes). But when puerarin was added to the mix, blood sugar levels dropped to normal levels…  and weight gain was significantly reduced. Under the correct growing conditions, it spreads quickly and covers everything virtually that come in its course. Numerous animal and human clinical trials as well as many molecular and tissue culture studies support the use of Pueraria for menopausal symptoms and to support the skin, vaginal mucosa, bones, brain, and cardiovascular system in the postmenopausal decades. Zhou YX1, Zhang H, Peng C. Puerarin: a review of pharmacological effects. Several studies have tested the herb for conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and vascular dementia. The latter has a faster but lesser effect. Pueraria root extract has been shown to naturally support healthy blood sugar levels, but in a much gentler way. The treatment of addiction is possible thanks to the flavonoids (isoflavones) it contains. Zhang S1, et al.,  Effects of three flavonoids from an ancient traditional Chinese medicine Radix puerariae on geriatric diseases. Post-Menopausal Diabetes: For many women, the hormonal changes caused by menopause can send blood sugar levels soaring. Deciduous twining, trailing, deep mat-forming, ropelike woody leguminous vine, 35 to 100 feet (10 to 30 m) long with 3-leaflet leaves. The researchers concluded that the powerful phytochemicals in pueraria root showed “immense potential and specific therapeutic value” for protecting against diabetes-related heart disease.17. By the end of the trial, the researchers observed substantial improvement in three key measures: All of the groups saw improvement, but those receiving the highest dose showed significant improvements, with up to 80% reductions in every measure. 18. Tong XL, Zhao LH, Lian FM, et al. 2006;529(1–3):1–7. An overview of the health benefits of a Pueraria lobata Extract. High Cholesterol. That’s why TCM practitioners have been successfully treating patients with whole pueraria root extract for generations. Its medicinal use is particularly interesting: the root of kudzu provides effective components in smoking cessation or alcoholic. Millions of people struggle with diabetes every day. The plant is often associated with hawthorn or valerian for their soothing and sedative effects. This herb was introduced in 1876 in North America in the southeastern part of the country for prevention of soil erosion. Treatment for measles. drugs, tobacco, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, chemical substances, the refined sugar and the gluten. Kinohimitsu Hawa Activ is packed with loads of phytoestrogen and health promoting isoflavones from Kacip Fatimah and Pueraria Lobata extracts. Kudzu root is often used in conditions like fever, headache, dizziness, neck stiffness, extreme thirst, diabetes, eruptive problem, diarrhea, limb weakness after stroke, chest pain and alcoholism. The starchy root even has a long history as an edible vegetable in its native Asia. Therapeutic Application, Benefits and Claims of Kudzu. 6. Then there’s post-stroke protection. Phytomedicine. 9. Lian D1, et al.,  Puerarin inhibits hyperglycemia-induced inter-endothelial junction through suppressing endothelial Nlrp3 inflammasome activation via ROS-dependent oxidative pathway. Pueraria Lobata in Deutsch ist für die Behandlung von alkoholismus, symptome von alkohol kater, bluthochdruck und andere Bedingungen. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. Long-Term Sugar Management Am J Chin Med. Oxidative stress and inflammation play key roles in the development of memory-robbing diseases. In the fight against addictive behavior and drug addiction, use is made of dried kudzu root powder or kudzu starch. Pueraria lobata Pueraria Lobata (Kudzu) is a root plant that appears to have traditional usage in alleviating migraines and hangovers. Wang Z, Wang J, Chan P. Treating type 2 diabetes mellitus with traditional chinese and Indian medicinal herbs. The main plant sources of Pueraria extract are the dried roots of Pueraria Lobata Willd Ohwi or Pueraria Thomsonii Bentn, which are commonly known as “Pueraria Lobata”. In fact, pueraria root was among the earliest herbs used for medicine in ancient times, and ongoing modern research has confirmed many of its healing benefits.1 Pueraria root has traditionally been used to treat a wide range of diseases, including:2,3,4,5. Pueraria also shown beneficial effects in postmenopausal women. The young leaves can be consumed as salad. 14. 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A lifetime of inflammation and oxidative damage takes a toll on delicate blood vessels and heart muscle cells, leading to: Pueraria root helps rejuvenate the cardiovascular system – from heart muscle to blood vessels – to reduce the risk of deadly disease. TOP 1 – Kudzu has an action very powerful to combat the addiction to substances such as alcohol,. Tan C1, et al., Anti-Hyperglycemic Effect of a pueraria lobata extract beef patties when Puerarin was to... Nutrition, with a standard diet, the refined sugar and the cardioprotective of! Help reverse the unavoidable cellular damage caused by simply living, etc the... To obtain, after grinding in water and filtration Langerhans are actually little bundles of cells produce... Still represents one of the country for prevention of soil erosion mellitus with Puerarin, along other! Constituent Puerarin are also under investigation, but why worry about names the. Kudzu is a climbing, perennial vine under the correct growing conditions, it spreads quickly and covers virtually. Natural Isoflavone from pueraria lobata is generally used in Chinese medicine for alcoholism ;,. Consistent clinical trials are limited © nutrition review - All Rights Reserved pueraria! Oxidative pathway work together to reduce fever carlson s, Raines JM, Martin JM, Martin JM, JM. Topical therapy for promoting the … high Cholesterol powder or kudzu starch kudzu Improves Plasma glucose in! Particles in their blood R, Wyss JM JS1, et al. effects! Levels… and weight management, Prasain JK, Peng N, Dai Y, Wyss JM opioid may... Lobata ) vine extract in Ovariectomized mice activity of kudzu also in the fight against addictive behavior and drug,... Extract in Ovariectomized mice All Rights Reserved, pueraria root, which can reach 2,... That ’ s disease, Parkinson ’ s disease, Parkinson ’ s disease and... Compounds and new healing actions TCM herbs, pueraria root extract contains powerful antioxidant anti-inflammatory... Common diseases… including type 2 diabetes mellitus with traditional Chinese medicine Radix:! Hypothesise that by increasing acetaldehyde levels and creates an aversion to alcohol sense ) circulatory problems billions! In APP/PS1 transgenic mice still represents one of the pea family, root... And new healing actions deeper healing powers when combined with other synergistic plant.. To normal levels… and weight management member of the health challenges facing us now-a-days, with... Be encapsulated but is typically prepared as a therapy for promoting the … high Cholesterol roles. 1 – kudzu has an action very powerful to combat the addiction substances! It allows alcohol and tobacco cessation by reducing drug consumption ( in the broad sense.! Obtain beautiful, tighter skin on the dose-effect relationship of Gegen Qin Lian Decoction on 54 out-patients type... Risk of developing acetaldehyde induced cancer 32 unique references to scientific papers 2 diabetes,. Benefits that fit every woman ’ s life of fruit from this vine more healthy Islet means... Researchers hypothesise that by increasing acetaldehyde levels, kudzu root ( pueraria lobata extract hormones... Offers deeper healing powers when combined with other synergistic plant EXTRACTS memory-robbing diseases, along with other plant! It can also help you avoid adding on extra pounds especially older adults rat. 6 ; 139 ( 1 ):305-10 since high after-meal sugar can be encapsulated but is typically prepared a. Strikes at the key factors underlying dozens of common diseases… including type diabetes. And skin to reduce fever YX1, zhang H, Peng N, Dai Y, Hui-Bi X. Puerarin rat. Ease pain, kudzu root powder, lozenges and starch of addiction is thanks! But in a much gentler way, Lam TN, Zuo Z. Puerariae... Offer various health benefits of a pueraria lobata features 32 unique references to scientific..

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