Broadcast Media

1)HCA Hosts First Annual Legislative Essay Contest (12-28-2018)


2)HCA Placed First in Community Category in the 2017 International Dragon Boat Race (10-09-2017)

3)HCA Hosts Legal Seminar(03-30-2015)

4)HCA Hosts Legal Seminar for New Immigrants(10-11-2014)

5)HCA on Safety in the Chinatown Area(05-04-2015)

6)itv Houston 55.5_Vigil (02-11-2014)

7)itv Houston 55.5_HCA Latest Update on Cypress Murder, April, 29, 2014(05-12-2014)

9)Two Community Organizations to Compete in the International Dragon Boat Race(08-09-2016)

10)HCA Celebrates its 5-year Anniversary (02-25-2019)

11)HCA Condemns Bob Beckel’s discriminatory remarks on Chinese Americans(07-19-2014)

12)itv Houston 55.5_HCA Hosts First Annual Meeting(04-29-2015)

13)itv Houston 55.5_HCA Hosts New Year Party  (12-28-2015)

14)HCA Aims at Change and Innovation to Better Serve Community(03-15-2019)

15)HCA Participates in Flag Service for the Independence Day(07-01-2014)

16)Blum on Harvard Admission Lawsuit (04-26-2015)

(Part 1)

(Part 2)