Annual Meetings

Voting members of HCA hold annual meetings to review the work from the past year and hold the leadership election for the new year.

HCA Five Year Celebration

HCA celebrated its 5th anniversary on February 24, 2019. Members, board members, volunteers, and friends of HCA gathered together to review its achievements in the past five years. Also in attendance were state representative Gene Wu and representatives of other community organizations including APAPA-Houston Chapter, CPC, and OCA- Greater Houston.

Print Media

1)HCA on Safety in the Chinatown Area(2015年5月5日)http://www.chinanews.com/hr/2015/05-05/7253536.shtml 2)HCA Hosts New Year Party(2015-12-16) http://www.cheerinus.com/3g/news/bencandy.php?fid=57&id=14632 3)HCA Hosts Annual Meeting(2018年5月5日) http://epaper.chinesetimes.info/flipV5.html#/CHINESETIMES/20180505/0/4 4)HCA Hosts New Year Party(2018年1月14日) 5)HCA Celebrates its 5-year Anniversary(2019年2月27日)http://chinesetimes.info/20190227/15394 6)HCA Hosts Annual Meeting and Elects New Board(2016-05-25)http://www.cheerinus.com/3g/news/bencandy.php?fid=57&id=18773 7)HCA Hosts Legislative Essay Contest(2018-12-11)http://www.uschinapress.com/2018/1211/1150970.shtml 8)HCA Increases Crime Stoppers Reward for Cypress Murder(2015年02月17日)http://world.chinadaily.com.cn/2015-02/17/content_19613491.htm 9)HCA on Admission Discrimination of Asian …

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Broadcast Media

1)HCA Hosts First Annual Legislative Essay Contest (12-28-2018) [http://video.sinovision.net/?id=48059] 2)HCA Placed First in Community Category in the 2017 International Dragon Boat Race (10-09-2017) http://video.sinovision.net/?id=41320 3)HCA Hosts Legal Seminar(03-30-2015) http://video.sinovision.net/?id=27680 4)HCA Hosts Legal Seminar for New Immigrants(10-11-2014)http://video.sinovision.net/?id=25011 5)HCA on Safety in the Chinatown Area(05-04-2015)http://video.sinovision.net/?id=28303&cid=110 6)itv Houston 55.5_Vigil (02-11-2014) 7)itv Houston 55.5_HCA Latest Update on Cypress Murder, …

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Seminar on U.S. Constitution

March 18, 2017. HCA hosted a seminar on U.S. Constitution in the Jungman Neighborhood Library. Mr. David Cao, Senior Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel for IRS, discussed the origin and the fundamental goal of the Constitution, the general election system, as well as appropriate ways to interact with law enforcement personnel and protect ourselves using …

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Houston Food Bank

Since 2018, HCA has begun to organize Chinese adults and kids to participate in volunteer activities regularly. HCA has registered as a community volunteer organization with Houston food bank and created a dedicated HCA volunteer group. Each time, HCA group has had more than 30 volunteers, including adults and kids. HCA volunteers accomplish different assigned …

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Judicial Forum

October 11, 2014. In order to raise awareness of the U.S. judicial system, HCA hosted Judicial Forum to help community members better defend themselves. HCA invited Theresa Chang, Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law Texas No. 2 and five seasoned attorneys including Natalia Oakes, Barbara Gardner, Kathleen Vossler, James Horowitz, and Jason Luong. …

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