2015年2月16日上午,Crime Stoppers召开了新闻发布会,宣布Cypress凶杀案悬赏金额因社区捐款而被再次追加,至$75,000,呼吁案件知情人提供破案线索。

时至今日,Cypress凶杀案已经过去整整一年。华裔维权组织休斯敦华裔联盟(HCA)将募得善款用于再次提升悬赏金额,表明此案在社区中仍有广泛影响。面对媒体,哈里斯县警长加西亚(Harris County Sheriff AdrianGarcia)表示警方一定会继续积极追查凶手,但是没有透露任何关于案件侦破的细节。华裔联盟副主席徐华先生代表HCA和华裔社区发言,他表示:华裔社区对一年来案件并无实质性进展感到失望,希望警方积极侦破案件,尽早将罪犯绳之以法;同时向所有捐款人表示感谢。德州州议员吴元之(Gene Wu)也应邀参加了新闻发布会。

HCA与会代表向Crime Stoppers负责人询问了:“Crime Stoppers如何做到保护线索提供者的信息不被泄露?”Deputy M. Hughes回答说:“案件知情人在提供线索的时候,并不需要提供任何个人信息,而是将被告知一个数字。一段时间之后,线索提供者再次联系Crime Stoppers,只要报出这个数字就可以查到他所提供的线索是否对破案有帮助。如果这一线索导致了罪犯落网或者伏法,他将被告知如何从银行领取奖金。整个过程完全匿名,不会被问及任何个人信息,也无需与警方见面。”

任何人若有关于嫌疑犯身份的线索,请和Crime Stoppers联系。Crime Stoppers将向导致此案罪犯落网或者伏法的线索提供者支付赏金。从 Apple App Store, Google Play Store,和 Blackberry App World都可以下载 Houston Crime Stoppers。提供线索可以致电:713-222-TIPS (8477);或发短信至CRIMES (274637):短信内容以“TIP610”开头并加上线索内容;也可以在网上提交线索。

休斯敦华裔联盟(Houston Chinese Alliance)

Reward for Information for Cypress Murder Case Increased to $75,000

Crime Stoppers of Houston announced during its press conference on Feb 16, 2015 the reward for information in the Cypress murder case had increased again with the help of community donation, now at $75,000. Crime Stoppers urged the public to provide any information that could lead to the killer(s).

It is exactly one year since the murders of the Sun family. Houston Chinese Alliance (HCA) helped increase the reward again with community donation, indicating the strong impact the case is still having on the community. Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said during the press conference the police are still actively investigating, but did not disclose any details. Vice President of HCA, Dr. Howard Xu, attended the press conference and expressed disappointment of the Chinese community about the lack of real progress. He hoped the police would actively investigate the case and bring the murderer(s)to justice. He also expressed gratitude to all donors. Rep Gene Wu also attended the press conference.

HCA representatives asked Crime Stoppers about protecting the confidentiality of any informants. Deputy M. Hughes said, “Any informant does not need to provide any personal information and will be given a code. He or she only needs to provide this code when contacting Crime Stoppers for any update. If the information has been useful in solving the crime, he or she will be notified of how to receive the reward. The whole process is completely anonymous, requiring no personal information or contact with the police.”

Please contact Crime Stoppers if anyone has any information leading to the suspects. Download Houston Crime Stoppers from Apple App Store, Google Play Store,or Blackberry App World. You may also call 713-222-TIPS (8477) or text CRIMES (274637) with TIP610”as the subject. Information can also be submitted online.

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