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高中组最佳论文(正反双方):一等奖$300; 二等奖$200;三等奖$100

字体:请使用Times New Roman字体,12磅字体大小

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2018 HCA Legislative Essay Contest

Subject: Texas Senate Bill SB 156 (Relating to the civil and criminal penalties for possession of certain small amounts of marihuana and an exception to prosecution for possession of associated drug paraphernalia; creating a criminal offense.) is currently being debated and voted in Texas Senate. Assuming you are a Texas State Legislator, will you support the bill or oppose it? Please do your own research and write an essay to support your decision.  Please clearly list out your references.

Resource: https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=86R&Bill=SB156

Participants: Houston Local School Students
Varsity Level:  Grade 9-12, 500–800 words (not including title and reference)
Booster Level: Grade K-8, Less than 500 words (not including title and reference)

Deadline for submission:  January 15, 2019.  Email to: [email protected]

Judging: 30% Writing Skills and Grammar, 35% Arguments, and 35% Research and Supporting data

Awards: Award-winning result will be announced in February 2019
Monetary awards for top Varsity Level essays (of opinions on both sides of the argument): $300 for top essays; $200 for 2nd place; $100 for 3rd place.
Trophy awards for top Booster Level essays.
Winning essays will be published on HCA website to honor participants
Participant’s effort will count as volunteer hours at HCA.

Essay Style Requirement:
File Type: Your essay should be submitted as a word .doc or .xdoc file
Font: Please use Times New Roman font, 12 pt font size.
Spacing: Double spaced.
References: Your essay must include a list of at least three references which you consulted. These references can be from printed or online sources.
Style Guide: You may use either the MLA, Chicago or APA style manual for citations and reference formatting.
Do: Please fill out the application form and sign the waiver by yourself and your legal guardian, and make sure to send it back with the essay.
Don’t: Please do NOT type in your name within the essay, or in any other way convey or imply your personal identity in the essay, as all essays will be rated anonymously.

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